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Keeping up with Kaneda

 Keeping up with Kaneda.

Author : Gaurav Kumar 

Publisher : Srishti publishers

Genre : Fiction

Pages : 127

Price : Rs 175


Canada – the land of beautiful lakes, opportunities and umm…scores of desis (aren’t we just everywhere?). What happens when a young man gets a one- way ticket to the hallowed country?  Continue reading “Keeping up with Kaneda”

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Kalpana : An Imagination

Kalpana : An Imagination


Author : Yogita

Pages : 99

Price : Rs 150


Love has rivalry leads to murder in girl’s love.

When a girl child is killed in the womb by the family is sin but what to do when she is exploited by the family? Is this the future of a girl child or her fate. Continue reading “Kalpana : An Imagination”

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A Book Of Brainless Thought

Author : Samir Samuel David

Pages : 66

Publisher : Himanshu Publications


The queue was getting shorter and I too was getting closer to a something, it was a Big Cloud, a Hazy one. Everyone was calling this cloud with a name, as they were coming closer to it. I wasn’t able to hear it clear from a distance, but as I reached pretty close, I heard the name, ” GOD “; yes God was what I heard. The Small Hazy Clouds were calling this Huge Hazy Cloud as GOD. What is this GOD!! I kept thinking as I was moving closer to it.

My turn came and I was in front of it. The first thing I said to it was GOD!! And to this it replied “ yes son “. I was so surprised, frightened and nervous, as I wasn’t able to understand the reason for which I called it GOD? May be it was some automated command fed into all of us.

Then this God showed me a ” Golden Gate ” just behind it. It was this huge gate, with beautiful carved images on it, as if telling a story about someone or something. God bent down to its knees and started telling me, or I would say started giving me a series of instructions.

My review

This book is all about a set of situations that we live each day. The author Mr Samir Samuel David had shared his experiences, his appreciation and his opinion about life.

Starting from chapter 1 on humanism to the last chapter of this book, he shared his true opinion about life. Reading this book was quite interesting because I am always eager to know about others true opinions and experiences about life.

I would give this book 5/5 stars, the language used was easy to understand and moreover the author has shared beautiful pictures. I completed reading this within 2 hours.

You guys can get your copy from Amazon.

Hope you guys liked my review

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The Aunt who wouldn’t die

Original : Goynar Baksho

Genre : Fiction

Pages : 143

Publisher : Bee publishers

( Goynar Baksho translated by Arunava Sinha )


Is Roshomoyee actually dead? What does she want from Somlata? Who is Boshon, really? What does the jewellery box have to do with all this?

My Review….

So the protagonist of the novel is a 18 year young lady who got married to a 36 year man from a zamindar family. She had a hard time with her sister in law and Pishima. But one day as she was going to terrace, she noticed something strange in Pishima. Later she comes to know that her aunt has died, when she was going to inform others, she was stopped by the ghost of Pishima. She was gifted a box full of valuable Jewellery by her.

Next follows a series of up and downs in the novel, where the young bride becomes the saviour if the family, where all the men are chuckle heads.

You can get your own copy from Amazon for Rs 250…

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The Arranged Love Marriage…

Title : The Arranged Love Marriage

Author : Safina Khan Soudagar

Pages : 252

Publishers : Broadway Publishing House


‘Miss, are you alright?’

That voice… Her tummy fluttered and her eyes flew open to clash with the deepest grey eyes ever. The buzzing of the phone stopped, and so did her heart.

Saphira Varma, at twenty seven is well-established in her dream company and is happily single until her parent’s wish for her to settle turns her world upside down. Her heart is locked away, but a loveless marriage to a stranger might be just the thing to placate her parents. But as her past questions her present and threatens her future, she is uncertain. Will Shaphira find the lost key?

If you’re a challenge woman… I certainly accept.

A business minded Sameer Malhotra hadn’t expected for an arranged marriage to land up on his to-do list. But he finds himself agreeing to just that. A girl of his parent’s choice might bring him happiness. He wasn’t sure until, he found himself feeling for a woman who was captivating and left him curious. Will Saphira’s past make this a one sided love? Not if Sameer can help it. There will be a marriage, the question is, ‘What kind?’


Thanks Safina for writing this beautiful love story of Saphira & Sameer.

To be true I fell in love with this story and it’s people.

Saphira Verma, at twenty seven is well established Fashion Consultant, who doesn’t want to get married, until her parent’s wish for her to settle.

Sameer Malhotra, at thirty one is well established Hotelier, who agreed to get married to the girl of his parent’s choice, and later found himself feeling for Saphira who was captivating & left him curious. But he doesn’t let Saphira to know about his feelings because he doesn’t want to lose her.

Saphira agreed for the marriage because she doesn’t want to fall in love and considered marrying Sameer as a safe option.

This story is all about love, friendship & heart break. The title of the novel is suitable to the novel. The language is quite simple and easy. Even the characters will make you fall in love with them (to be true I love Saphira & her bff Ella)

Thank you

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Finding Juliet…..

Title : Finding Juliet

Author : Toffee

Pages : 216

Publisher : Shrishti Publishers


Arjun is an incredibly nice guy who believes in true love and is waiting for it with open arms. He falls in love, not once or twice, but thrice. And every single time, happiness – like the girls he fell for – comes very close to him before pushing him away. His only pillar of strength in all his moments of grief and dejection is his childhood friend Anjali.

Dejected by the games played by girls and fate, he leaves Hyderabad for Bangalore and ends up meeting Kris, an irresistible flirt. He understands Arjun’s predicament, pacifies him with his words and enlightens him about the most complicated species ever created by God – Women.

And then, Arjun’s life changes forever.

Will Arjun find the one he has been waiting for, or will he end up becoming flirt? Will he ever taste lasting happiness?

Join Arjun as he tries to figure out women and discovers the meaning of love, lust and life… all in his journey of FINDING JULIET.


Finding Juliet is a romantic novel of a geek.

Arjun, who believes in true love falls for three different girls, every time failing to attain happiness.

Anjali his childhood friend is his pillar of strength in all his moments of grief and dejection.

Things takes a turn when Arjun moved to Bangalore from Hyderabad, there he met Krish, an irresistible flirt who changes his whole life.

This novel is all about desperation for love, friendship between Anjali & Arjun, bromance between Krish and Arjun. The language used here is quite simple and easy. The title FINDING JULIET is quite catchy & suitable to the novel..

Hope you all like my review