Zoctr : your home health partner

ZOCTR just one touch to Medicare at home…

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A very good afternoon to you all. Hope you are doing good. Today I am going to review Zoctr app. Now you must be thinking what is Zoctr and why I am reviewing it.


India’s #1 Home Health App

Zoctr – Your Home Health Partner – provides you with just one touch to home health services at your doorstep with the Zoctr App. Continue reading “Zoctr : your home health partner”


This winter with ST D’VENCE body lotion

ST. D’VENCE Ultra Enriching Body Lotion… 

 A Very Good Morning Guys… 

Hope you are doing well. Well…it’s really cold in Rourkela and I am like 😦 , just don’t want to get separated from my new bff, MY BLANKET… 
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Book Reviews

Keeping up with Kaneda

 Keeping up with Kaneda.

Author : Gaurav Kumar 

Publisher : Srishti publishers

Genre : Fiction

Pages : 127

Price : Rs 175


Canada – the land of beautiful lakes, opportunities and umm…scores of desis (aren’t we just everywhere?). What happens when a young man gets a one- way ticket to the hallowed country?  Continue reading “Keeping up with Kaneda”

Book Reviews

Kalpana : An Imagination

Kalpana : An Imagination


Author : Yogita

Pages : 99

Price : Rs 150


Love has rivalry leads to murder in girl’s love.

When a girl child is killed in the womb by the family is sin but what to do when she is exploited by the family? Is this the future of a girl child or her fate. Continue reading “Kalpana : An Imagination”


Premium Darjeeling Oolong Classic Green Tea

Tea is a divine herb. – Xu Guangqi..

About the brand….

First Bud Organics symbolizes the purity of Himalayas with unique blend of natural ingredients of fine quality, taste and ethnicity.   Their products are grown naturally, free from harmful chemicals, rich in minerals. They work very closely with their partners and manufacturers to ensure that every product is genuinely natural and is of the highest quality. Grown organically in the Himalayan region rich in minerals and free from chemicals, pesticide, pollution, and dusty environment. These are in large cuts that provide exquisite taste and aroma.

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Book Reviews

A Book Of Brainless Thought

Author : Samir Samuel David

Pages : 66

Publisher : Himanshu Publications


The queue was getting shorter and I too was getting closer to a something, it was a Big Cloud, a Hazy one. Everyone was calling this cloud with a name, as they were coming closer to it. I wasn’t able to hear it clear from a distance, but as I reached pretty close, I heard the name, ” GOD “; yes God was what I heard. The Small Hazy Clouds were calling this Huge Hazy Cloud as GOD. What is this GOD!! I kept thinking as I was moving closer to it.

My turn came and I was in front of it. The first thing I said to it was GOD!! And to this it replied “ yes son “. I was so surprised, frightened and nervous, as I wasn’t able to understand the reason for which I called it GOD? May be it was some automated command fed into all of us.

Then this God showed me a ” Golden Gate ” just behind it. It was this huge gate, with beautiful carved images on it, as if telling a story about someone or something. God bent down to its knees and started telling me, or I would say started giving me a series of instructions.

My review

This book is all about a set of situations that we live each day. The author Mr Samir Samuel David had shared his experiences, his appreciation and his opinion about life.

Starting from chapter 1 on humanism to the last chapter of this book, he shared his true opinion about life. Reading this book was quite interesting because I am always eager to know about others true opinions and experiences about life.

I would give this book 5/5 stars, the language used was easy to understand and moreover the author has shared beautiful pictures. I completed reading this within 2 hours.

You guys can get your copy from Amazon.

Hope you guys liked my review

Thank you


Glamego box: India’s most affordable subscription box

Hello beautiful peoples…

Welcome back to another blog. So today I am going to unbox October month’s Glamego box.

As you know Glamego box is the most affordable subscription box in our country, it concentrates only on getting the premium brands and their best products for exploration to subscriber.

So this month’s theme is based on festival and you can see the box is really very pretty….

It has products worth Rs 1500 + Rs 250 voucher + chance to win Rs 6500 worth Manna kadar lipstick & 25% voucher for Diwali. All this for Rs 399 with free shipping. Can you believe it…..this is just wow….😃😃

So let’s unbox this…..

So the first product is Bella voste lip crayon.

This lip crayon is available in 5 different shades, you can choose your own shade. I received Hypnotic Rose (06). This is an Ulti Matte Chubby stick and cost Rs 499.

The next product that I have is The Nature’s Co. Vanilla lip butter. It price for Rs 495 and has vanilla flavor, kokum butter, Shea butter, mango butter, castor oil, vitamin E, natural flavouring and food grade colour. This lip balm smells delicious and is quite hydrating.

The third product that I have is Aroma Magic white tea and chamomile face wash. This face claims to be 100% free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring and fragrance. It’s a 50 ml product and cost Rs 80.

Than we have Inveda body butter cream with Rejuvenating almond and vanilla,price Rs 165. This smells amazing, doesn’t have paraben & suitable for all skin types.

The fifth and sixth product are from Kronokare. This two products were also present in the July box. So I have their Provencal lavender glycerine soap and Caribbean Ginger shower gel.

The seventh product is a Pearl revitalizing 3D hanging ears, face and neck mask from Mondsub and cost Rs 250.

And lastly the 20% voucher from Aroma Magic & Rs 250 off from The nature’s Co.

Guys isn’t this box awesome?? So many products just for Rs 299. Even the lip balm & lipstick cost double of the box. Don’t know how they manage this.

Hope you all like my first unboxing post.

Thank you…